yogablok is an AMERICAN based manufacturer of high quality wooden yoga blocks. Each yoga block is hand made with the utmost attention to detail.

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yogablok A new design to the classic yoga block. The YogaBlok is a tool to be used in stretching, whether that be in your yoga practice or general fitness. The hand/finger holds allow the YogaBlok to be gripped naturally which can either assist in deepening a stretch or in providing stability in various poses. The YogaBlok can be used in your yoga practice in the same way you would use a normal block, except this block gives you more options. And with the ability to grab the block from a variety of different angles you can alleviate stress to your wrists. There is no "right" way to use this product. Get creative with it.

Each YogaBlok is hand made with the utmost attention to detail. Poplar is used in the handholds while Baltic Birch Plywood is used for the two faces. Every handhold is not only glued but is pinned in place with hardwood dowels insuring a product that you can trust. The woods used in the block were chosen not only for their appearance but because they are harvested in an environmentally friendly way. Often you hear of people that toss their foam block away because it gets gross and dirty. These blocks are easy to clean and don't need to be thrown away. Every YogaBlok is one less foam block that was created using chemicals and petroleum.

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Shipping: $5 per block

For orders more than 8
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Baltic Birch- A very popular plywood known for its' distinct color/grain, strength, and overall appeal.